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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that powers some of the internet’s greatest sites, including this one.

It has thousands of theme options and makes creating your website easy. We include a one-click install within your cPanel account so you can get your site up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Do you do unlimited storage?

We do not offer unlimited hosting storage because unlimited storage is not truly possible.  Other services base “unlimited” on average website usage.

Your account’s disk space resources are guaranteed when you purchase. We DO NOT overload our servers, instead of being “unlimited” and incurring hefty costs, you are only responsible for paying for the resources you use.

More storage can be requested should the need arise, but we will inquire about its usage for spam and illicit use monitoring.

What is web hosting?

Web Hosting is where we provide space on our servers for your website and email. We can register a new domain name for you, or host an existing domain name, which will be used for your website and email.

A Web Hosting service allows you to publish your blog, online store, website or any project on the Internet. Once signed up, you simply log in and upload your website. It will then be available online instantly, for anyone to visit.

What is IPv6?

IPv6 is the sixth revision to the Internet Protocol and the successor to IPv4. It functions similarly to IPv4 in that it provides the unique, numerical IP addresses necessary for Internet-enabled devices to communicate.

However, it does sport one major difference: it utilizes 128-bit addresses and looks like 2001:4860:4860::8888.

What happens if I don't pay my bill?
If you fail to pay your invoice on time, your account will enter a grace period. Your service will still function until this period ends where they will be terminated.

Should you need to restore your services there will be a restoration fee applied to your account.

We take no responsibility for data lost during this restore process as it is your responsibility to have backups of your data.

If you are facing financial hardship please contact-us and we will try help.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is an industry standard for website hosting. It allows you easy access and management of your website from email creation and one-click installs to file managing and database management.

Can I test your service?

Yes! We would love you to try us. We are so confident that we offer a 14 day money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with our services.

What happens if I go over my disk space allowance?
Our hosting plans are designed so that the disk space allocated within each package should be sufficient for any web site.

Should that happen, your site will remain active but you may lose the ability to receive additional emails or upload files until you free up some space. 

You can monitor how much disk space you have been using via the control panel. It is important that you monitor this and if you feel that you are likely to exceed your allocated disk space, you can upgrade your package to increase the allowance.

What is IPv4?

IPv4 stands for Internet Protocol version 4. It is the underlying technology that makes it possible for us to connect our devices to the web.

Whenever a device access the Internet (whether it’s a PC, Mac, smartphone or other device), it is assigned a unique, numerical IP address such as

To send data from one computer to another through the web, a data packet must be transferred across the network containing the IP addresses of both devices.

Without IP addresses, computers would not be able to communicate and send data to each other. It’s essential to the infrastructure of the web.

Do you have a minimum contract?

All our websites require 1 month minimum to activate your account. Your service length can be selected on signup and will automatically invoice 14 days before the renew date.

This is backed by our 14 day money back guarantee should you not like the services we offer.

Can I request a refund?

You can request a refund by opening a ticket in your client area.

Refunds requested during the first 14 days of service activation will be refunded in full.

Refunds requested after this time will be prorated with the reduction of 1 months service fee.

Any service refunded will be terminated at midnight on day of authorised request.